Alien: Covenant Trailer May Arrive This Weekend

Alien: Covenant Poster (cropped)

Ridley Scott’s original Alien movie debuted in 1979, combining aspects of science fiction with horror to become a beloved classic and launching a franchise that will welcome its sixth installment next year. Alien was followed by three sequels, with another planned from director Neill Blomkamp, but Scott launched a new prequel series in the franchise, kicking off in 2012’s Prometheus. Next, Scott returns to the prequel series with Alien: Covenant, which is rumored to connect directly to the original Alien film.

Alien: Covenant features a largely new cast as the film follows the colony ship called the Covenant that is attempting to find a new home on a distant planet. However, they aren’t alone on the unknown planet and fans can expect more of the sci-fi/horror …

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