Sing Review

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Sing is a narratively slight, but energetic animated musical romp that succeeds in staying light on its toes through its running time.

Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) is the owner of a music theater, having dreamt of going into show business ever since he was a young koala bear. Unfortunately, all of Buster’s recent productions have been major commercial failures – prompting him to use his theater to host a singing competition, in the hopes that it will be successful enough to save his struggling business. Due to a mistake, however, the flyers for Buster’s competition end up listing the grand prize as $100,000 (rather than $1,000, as Buster intended) and before long, nearly every animal in his city with dreams of superstardom has lined up to audition and try to win the “big prize”.

Among the animals competing to become the …

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