The 15 Weirdest Comic Book Santas

Santa She Hulk Trading Card Marvel Jennifer Walters Christmas

Welcome, dear readers that have come to take a look

at all the holiday off-ness of the weirdest Santas in Comic Books!

Santa Claus is a jolly fellow depicted on stage and screen

but within the pages of comics he can be… a little mean.

Fortunately for Santa, he has a good publicist,

who told us in a letter who should be on this list.

Marvel Comics, Image, and even Warner’s DC

have, at the time, made their comic books Christmas-y.

The Clauses of comics don’t always make sense, but these books are fondly remembered on December 25th.

From megalomaniacs to barroom brawls, we look to these superhero santas as the snow falls.

So to the countdown we go to see

the 15 Weirdest Santas …

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