Life-Sized Iron Man Robot Suit Costs $360K to Purchase

Iron Man's Mark VII In Avengers

For those who collect movie memorabilia and/or figurines, the cinematic universes created by DC and Marvel over the years has been a virtual paradise. Comic book heroes have proven themselves big business – both on screen and off, just as conventions that cater to hobbyists of all calibers continue to grow and establish themselves in different locations all around the world.

While collectors have what is arguably the largest selection of figurines and assorted memorabilia to choose from to date, some collectibles have gone beyond the sort that can simply be stored on a shelf or in a display case. As we’ve seen over the years, the sky is often the limit. Just last summer, for example, there was a series of custom made Marvel motorbikes, the likes of which had to be won to own.

Thanks to a report from CBR, we have our first look at Chinese …

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