Blade Runner 2049’s Practical Sets ‘Overwhelmed’ Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Was Ovewhelmed by Blade Runner 2049 Practical Sets

If fans of Blade Runner had been asked about Hollywood making a sequel to director Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi classic just a couple of years ago, their reactions likely would have been negative, staunch in the belief that the film and its unanswered questions should be left alone. Then it was announced that not only would Harrison Ford be reprising his role in next year’s Blade Runner 2049, but that it would also be directed by Arrival and Sicario filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, and it seemed like the attitude towards the sequel has been surprisingly positive so far, with most fans either holding a cautiously optimistic view of it, and others being openly excited for the film.

Indeed, the film’s first trailer …

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