Batman’s Dawn of Justice Kill Count [Video]

Zack Snyder: Ben Affleck directing Batman 'prerequisite'

The DC Extended Universe blockbuster Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice remains one of the most (if not the most) polarizing films of 2016, drawing an overall negative critical reception and dividing fans over its quality. While Ben Affleck’s performance as Batman within the film has gotten its faire share of praise, his violent nature in director Zack Snyder’s movie has proven much more controversial.

A new video essay breaks down just how much damage The Dark Knight deals out in Batman V Superman. The video is part of the Folding Ideas webseries – which offers in-depth critical analysis of popular culture often focused on the social, political and philosophical implications of fictional works that don’t necessarily grapple with such issues head-on themselves. Thus, this video explores both Batman V Superman‘s violence and its significance in a broader context.

In the video, host Dan Olson methodically digs through multiple time-stamped sequences from Batman …

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