Emerald City Videos Reveal A New Kind of Dorothy

Emerald City TV Show poster (cropped)

For many networks, the new year means a host of shows returning for a spring run after their midseason finales. For some, though, it can mean the debut of brand new shows. NBC is one such network which, after a year of negotiation over creative differences, has decided to take a chance on dark fantasy series Emerald City. The twisted take on L. Frank Baum’s Land of Oz books offers an entirely new perspective on the inventive world, one which culminates in an epic battle between science and magic.

Though fantasy series have done well in recent years thanks to smash hits like Game of Thrones, it can be hard to get such complex worlds to translate from page to screen. NBC hopes to draw in their preexisting fantasy fanbase by programming Emerald City immediately after Grimm, the final season of which kicks off this spring. The network is also introducing some compelling promotional materials, …

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