The Santa Clause Horror Recut: Saint Nick is a Kidnapper

Tim Allen in The Santa Clause - Best Christmas Movies

The holiday season is a great time to spend time with family, relax, and maybe enjoy a nice Christmas-themed movie. Over the years, there have been no shortage of classic Christmas movies, like Miracle on 34th StreetWhite ChristmasIt’s a Wonderful Life, and so many more. Though a genre that is lacking the same number of classics is Christmas/horror-themed films. This is, in reality, not so surprising, as this time of year is more for being cheered up than scared silly. Still, as a means of counter-programming, these movies can do quite well.

2015’s Krampus was one such Christmas-based horror flick that wound up earning $61 million worldwide during its theatrical run, and was generally liked by fans of the genre. Of course, though not straight horror, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Gremlins are both holiday classics that are just as frightful as they are delightful. But what …

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