DC’s Thundercats Crossover Just Killed He-Man

Thundercats Comic He-Man Killed

NOTE: This article contains SPOILERS for “He-Man/ThunderCats” #1-3

As fans of the ThunderCats and Masters of the Universe franchises patiently wait for the day that Hollywood (inevitably) selects the brands as their next nostalgia-heavy shared universe enterprise, DC Comics has come to the rescue. Relying on not just one, but both of the brands and their respective heroes, the publisher has unleashed the crossover fans of 1980s cartoon and toys dreamed of: “He-Man/ThunderCats”.

No further details are really needed to hook the attention of the comic’s target audience, but the creators haven’t been resting on their laurels. No, writers Lloyd Goldfine and Rob David, along with artist Freddie E. Williams have turned out a story full of surprises, unforgettably hilarious sequences, and …

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