Castlevania TV Show Hinted at by Adventure Time Producer


Created in 1987, Castlevania is set primarily in Transylvania across various time periods and largely chronicles the conflict between the Belmonts, a family of legendary vampire-hunters, and Count Dracula. Most (but not all) of the games involve a member of the Belmont family exploring Dracula’s vast and ever-changing castle in order to destroy the Count himself or, occasionally, to rescue abducted friends or retrieve some specific relic for good or evil purposes. In most instances, The Belmonts are masters of whip-based combat and often utilize a legendary chain-mace called “The Vampire Killer” as a primary weapon. Apart from featuring Dracula as antagonist, the games do no make significant reference to the original Bram Stoker incarnation of the character.

Castlevania was one of the more celebrated video game series of the …

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