Arrival – How Accurate is the Science? [Video]

Arrival - Amy Adams on alien ship

In the midst of a successful, albeit relatively young career, Denis Villeneuve may have directed, arguably, his most critically successful endeavor in the form of this year’s sci-fi picture ArrivalArrival not only garnered rave reviews from its critics, it is also expected to receive several nominations at the upcoming Academy Awards – including Best Actress for its standout lead Amy Adams, as well as a nod from the highly-coveted Best Picture category, among others.

Perhaps where this feature shines the brightest, however, is in its tightly-written script. Screenwriter Eric Heisserer worked extremely hard, and for several years, to bring Ted Chiang’s short story to the big screen; with the end result being one of 2016’s finest pictures. That said, it would appear that Arrival not only succeeds in delivering an entertaining story to moviegoing audiences but a scientifically accurate one as well.

According to Science vs. Cinema (h/t <a …

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