Does Tony Stark Evolve After Civil War 2?

Does the Civil War II Finale Seal Iron Man’s Fate?

[Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Civil War II #8.]

Civil War II was always about ideology first and action second. That’s not to say that it wasn’t chock full of superhero on superhero clobberin’ time, but much like its philosophical predecessor and namesake, the super-powered infighting explored themes of predictive justice taken to extremes, i.e. the dangers of a Minority Report future. As a futurist himself, and one who already touched the fascistic edge during the first Civil War, Tony Stark was in the best position to understand what using the Inhuman Ulysses’ power of foresight could mean for their the world in general.

In essence, Tony isn’t railing against Captain Marvel as much as he’s combating against those …

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