Jennifer Walters Debuts as Marvel’s New Hulk

Hulk 1 Guerra Variant cover Marvel

[Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Hulk #1.]

The name Hulk is, naturally, synonymous with quiet introspection and carefully developed plans of action – well, actually more so smashing. These days the world of Hulk (as opposed to Planet Hulk) seems a little more subdued, though. After the tragic death of Bruce Banner, his superhero nom-de-plume is carried on by fellow super-genius Amadeus Cho and his cousin Jennifer Walters, a brilliant lawyer who also goes by the appellation of She-Hulk.

Whether pink and fleshy or rocking the perma-green skin (a look first established in Graphic Novel #18: Sensational She-Hulk), Jen has always maintained a balance between her gamma-irradiated self and her more volatile cousin. In the aftermath of <a …

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