Disney Plans Star Wars Luxury Resort & Experience

In the five years since Disney took over Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise, both the House of Mouse and the galaxy far, far away have changed radically. The lucrative buyout has not only resulted in an incredible new generation of Star Wars movies, it’s also led to some profound changes to Disney’s theme parks. Next year will see the grand opening of Star Wars Land attractions in both Orlando and Anaheim, with recent footage offering a glimpse at these ambitious new attractions.

Many fans were already excited to explore these authentic Star Wars locales in Disneyland and Disney World, but a new survey suggests that the theme parks are preparing to go even further to deliver an all-inclusive Star Wars experience.

World News Today is reporting on a survey conducted by third party Swagbucks.com, through which Disney is surveying guests about a possible hotel experience in Walt Disney World. The survey includes concept art showing what the resort might …

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